Standard upright piano
Color: Rosewood
Keyboard: Italian Fatar Original Dynamics Grand-Response Key
Sound source: German Schimmel Full Size Grand Piano 10 Layer Dynamic Sound Sampling
Polyphony: 512(stereo)
Demo: 120 classic demo songs (classic piano song + voice demo + rhythm)
Teaching function: 100 teaching songs, follow-up performance simulation teaching
Touch: 5 standard piano strength curve, Default, Soft, Standard, Hard, Touch off, touch sensitivity adjustment.
Sound: 156, 128 GM standard voices + 17 folk voices, 10 sets standard percussion instruments + 1 set effect.
Rhythm: 120, world style, including folk beat, piano accompaniment.
Recording function: 2 tracks, replay supported, Maximum 22,000 notes for one single song. MIDI, 64 tracks and 16 channels, Support MIDI 0&1 file saving.
Effect function: Quantification, 127 tremolo, 64 reverb, 64 chorus
Metronome: According to the beat of the strong and weak ticking sound, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 beat speed: 20-280
Function: USB, Bluetooth
Power: AC220V, 70W
Dimension: 1375*420*875 mm (L*W*H)
Net weight: 50.4kg


Kahverengi, Siyah


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