Color: Walnut
Keyboard: Italian Fatar Original 88 key Grand-Response hammer action
Sound source: Independent developed DSP chip, German famous grand piano sound sample, Overtones resonance simulation sound technology
Polyphony: 512 (Stereo)
Sound: 31 voices, 30 rhythms
Demo: 65 demos, 65 teaching songs
Record: Maximum notes for one single song is 22000
Control: Double sound, Record, Split, Transpose, Reverb, Chorus, Metronome, MIDI, USB, Bluetooth (MIDI+Audio), Auto-off system
Speakers: 2 woofer (5″), 2 tweeter (2″)
Display: Screen touch
Power: 70W, 18V(DC)
Dimension: 1375×350×770mm(L*W*H)
Weight: 36kg




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